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The Technology of XIM

There are many “mouse and keyboard” console adapters on the market today, so, what makes XIM so different? The answer is simple: precision. Making a high precision device (like a mouse) work well in a game that was designed for controller thumbsticks is a difficult problem. All console shooters have different levels of “aim-assist” that makes them playable using a controller. If done incorrectly, adapting a mouse to these games will result in aiming that feels jerky, unresponsive, and detached. XIM is the only device that takes this mouse “translation” to the next level using its unique Smart Translator technology.

Through Smart Translators, XIM is able to provide unparalleled mouse precision unachievable by any other gaming adapter available. The problem is simple: when the mouse moves, equivalent reticle movement on the screen should occur (i.e. 1-to-1 movement). This is the obvious result that all PC-gamers expect. But, before the creation of Smart Translators, was not possible on consoles. Every console shooter has its own unique aiming system that governs how the game controls and feels to the gamer. Every game is different as they all have different stick dead-zones and geometries, variable sensitivity and acceleration regions, asymmetric sensitivity, non-linear movement, and more. Be cautious of any console mouse adapter that claims “PC-feel” without talking about how it solves all these challenges. XIM’s Smart Translators is the only comprehensive solution for the entire aiming system problem. Click here to see the expanding list of games with XIM Smart Translator support.

XIM’s simplicity and flexibility is also second-to-none. Its philosophy is to empower the gamer without bombarding them with unneeded complexity. It’s quick and easy to set up your preferred gaming environment. Even more, XIM will actually give you real-time feedback to help you find your optimal settings. For the most hard core gamer, XIM offers additional advanced options for further intricate refinement.

XIM enables a gamer to choose input devices that suits them best whether at a desk or on a couch in the living room. Its hardware compatibility doesn’t stop at just mice and keyboards. Support is also included for unique devices such as the Logitech G13 (small gaming keyboards with a built-in thumbstick for analog player movement) and the Sony Move Navigation Controller nunchuck. Mix and match different devices for your optimal playing style. Click here for the current hardware compatibility list for XIM.

The Benefits of XIM

  • Next-generation console input adapter
  • Game on your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 using your favorite PC gaming-grade hardware
  • Supports both desktop and living room gaming styles
  • Mice, Keyboards, Joysticks, and Gameboard compatibility
  • Unsurpassed in-game 1-to-1 feel thanks to advanced Smart Translator technology
  • Simple configuration
  • Real-time feedback to guide you to your optimal settings
  • Supports your existing Xbox headsets and chatpads
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Active community forum

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