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  • Onechanbara Z2 Chaos -Japan-
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Developers Tamsoft have made Oneechanbara Z2 Chaos an absolutely gorgeous game in 60FPS, 1080p glory! And with graphics like that the game needs the visuals to match - including the same raunchy and risque visuals we've come to expect, now for the PS4! The levels of sexy have been turned up in Z2 Chaos, something fans of the series won't be surprised by! First Print Editions will include the 'Banana & Strawberry' costume, ahem, or lack there of.

For those not sidetracked by the character models: have we got some gameplay news for you! The largest and most talked about gameplay change is the addition of the new combat system dubbed 'Cross Merge Combination System'; meaning you can have more than one character 'active' on the battlefield at any point, removing the need for on-the-fly swapping.

Switching characters can be used as part of a combo, allowing experienced players to coordinate attacks among characters to execute specific attacks! Do keep in mind that this feature is limited to two characters at the beginning of the game but you can obtain the other two character spots via standard progression. But who will we be playing with? The beautiful Kagura, Saya, Aya, and Saki!

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